Und vielleicht auch noch andere.

Facts about Scotland, part 5

For those of you who are into languages, this last fact is for you:

Gealic is a very old language irish-speaking immigrants from Ireland brought to Scotland. Nevertheless, there are about 1.5% of the scottish population who are able to speak gealic today. You may say that this is really less but think about Latin: nobody speaks it nowadays (exept pupils who are forced to during class).

If you are planning to go to Scotland soon, here are a few phrases to brag about (pronunciation in brackets*):

Madainn mhath! (mattin wa) – Good morning!
Chan eil mòran Gàidligh agan (Chan jäil moran Gaalik akam) – I don’t speak much Gealic.
Tha gaol agam ort (ha güol akam orscht) – I love you!
Slàn leat (Slan lät) – Goodbye!
Slàinte (Slaantsche) – Cheers!
Dùin do bheul (duun do wial) – Shut up!
Tha an t-uisge ann (ha an tüschke aun) – It’s raining.

*No guarantee that this is helpful.


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